Sweeping brush NATURA KLIK 33 cm.

The highest quality brush in our range. Made from 100% natural, soft bristles in a frame made from selected beech wood covered with ecological varnish. Modern KLIK line. The delicate hair does not scratch surfaces, the floor does not become dull. The brush is recommended for sweeping hardwood floors and sweeping chemical substances, washing cars, wiping heated surfaces, and for jobs where the quality of sweeping is of great importance. For the KLIK sweeping brush a modern aluminum handle KLIK or wooden handle with 27mm diameter in varnished or traditional design is provided.

Picture Index Name Dimensions Weight Quantity in package The quantity on the palette EAN
na30 Sweeping brush NATURA 30 cm. 100% bristles Frame width 5,50 cm Height 7 cm Sweeping width 28 cm 395 g 4 1200 pieces 5 903856 211789