Plastic rake KLIK 580 mm quantity/pack.

Modern plastic brush with KLIK system, 580 mm wide. Made of high-quality plastic with enrichment additives. The best-selling model of fan rakes. Advantages:

1. A broad head, ideal for raking large areas.

2. The ergonomic shape allows a wide range of applications.

3. Additional holes for the manual tool handle allow raking in places that are hard to reach, e.g. under conifers. With this model you can also work without a pole and, for example, load the leaves manually on a wheelbarrow.

Element of the KLIK LAGUZ system. Can be mounted with a modern KLIK aluminum handle or screw with a 27 mm diameter wooden handle.

Picture Index Name Dimensions Weight Quantity in package The quantity on the palette EAN
GR58 Grabki plastikowe KLIK 580 mm n/op 10 5903856211765