Lacquered handle for rakes

Modern varnished handles for rakes in the lengths 170 cm, 150 cm and 130 cm and on request in any length. Quality line "Premium". Shape and dimensions comply with the technical DIN standards. Painted with super-organic water-based varnish. The varnish prolongs the life cycle of the product, protects it from the ingress of moisture and prevents the shaft from bending. Can be mounted on all types of garden tools and brushes. Compatible with rakes and brushes of the Polish KLIK system from LAGUZ.

Picture Index Name Dimensions Weight Quantity in package The quantity on the palette EAN
LG17 Handle for rakes 170 cm varnished Diameter 27 mm, length 170 cm 710 g 25 800 pieces 5903856211284
LG15 Lacquered handle for rakes 150 cm Diameter 27 mm, length 150 cm 635 g 25 800 pieces 5903856211291
LG13 Handle for rakes 130 cm varnished Diameter 27 mm, length 130 cm 535 g 25 800 pieces 5903856211321