Wooden handles

We produce wooden shafts since 1968. Shafts as spare parts for manual, garden and agricultural tools must be perfectly matched to them. The production group ŁAGUZ guarantees this and manufactures according to the technical standards of the Polish PN and international DIN standards. That's why Łaguz shafts are not random pieces of wood, but professionally made and safe products. Each handle with the LAGUZ logo can be quickly and easily replaced in the tool, which determines the sales success of our products.

Wooden handles are made in three quality lines. Production order depending on the amount of sales.

1. Professional handles - manufactured according to national and international DIN industrial standards. The shape of the handle tip fits perfectly with the holes in garden and construction tools. Professional handles can be easily and quickly replaced in the tool without additional work steps, their shape is adapted to the currently produced tools. On the professional handles for hammers, axes, pickaxes and Ax hammers are additional projections, so that the handle does not slip out of the hand. The wood is carefully sorted and cleaned, mechanically dried in cryogenic technology. All professional handles are marked with the ŁAGUZ logo, which ensures trouble-free installation.

2. Economy shafts - cheap, available in limited quantities. Cheap shafts are professional handles with small defects that enable safe use, or are usually shafts made on individual orders from Asian tool distributors. They differ from professional ones by the following:

a) made of wood with lower quality parameters,

b) a cheap drying process (they can bend),

c) surface of the handle without moisture and sanding protection,

d) Cheap handles are sold without ŁAGUZ labels.

The visual difference between the professional handle with the label and the economical handle is visible in the picture below.

3. PREMIUM shafts, DIN varnishing - these are professional DIN shafts, which are additionally covered with an environmentally friendly varnish. They dominate the export. In Poland, they are available in large stores of the chains Polskie Składy Budowlane, Bricomarche and MajsterABC as well as in modern wholesalers and shops.