Lacquered handles - Premium

The line of modern premium wooden handles consists of shafts, which are manufactured according to the international DIN standard and varnished with super-organic water-based varnish. The varnish complies with all ecological standards in terms of varnish coating, it complies with the IKEA network number 0066 ISOMATT.

The LAGUZ production group can varnish any handle model. We realize single orders up to 30 working days. The permanent offer includes the 6 most popular models:

1. Straight handle for shovels 130 cm diameter 37 mm

2. Handle for rakes 150 cm diameter 27 mm

3. Handle for rakes 130 cm diameter 27 mm

4. Handle for brushes 150 cm with thread diameter 22 mm

5. Handle for brushes 120 cm with thread diameter 22 mm

6. "T" handle for shovels 100 cm diameter 37 mm