Universal brush HYBRID

The modern brush HYBRID is the perfect brush for home and garden. It has the widest range of LAGUZ products, from housework to light land and construction work. The HYBRID brush consists of two types of bristles. 1/2 of the width and the brushes are made of soft orange hair for sweeping small internal dirt. The other half of the brush is made of black, strong hair for construction and gardening. Hybrid is a combination of the advantages of a sweeper and a street brush, black hair removes large dirt and the orange takes care of the small garbage. Sweeping to you, the brush acts like a house-sweeper, sweeping from you it works like a street brush. The hybrid brush is mounted on a modern KLIK aluminum handle or by screw to a wooden handle with 27 mm diameter - in varnished or traditional design. Produced in lengths of 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm.